Bertie the Duck

Choose your duck's sex, give it a name and watch it hatch. You need to care for and nurture your duck and give it a balanced lifestyle as it grows up. See your pet mature into an adult and through to old age. The better you look after your duck the healthier and happier it will get, but as it gets older it will become harder to look after. You perform a number of actions on your duck by playing games with it, the better you perform in each game the more effective that action will be. Games also earn you points that you can spend on buying items in the shop, different items will affect your duck in different ways. Your duck will also talk to you, it will send messages about its dreams, tips on how to raise it better (it's likes and dislikes) and its secrets and desires. Bertie the Duck is the natural evolution in mobile pets, your actions have a direct affect on your pet, do well and it will be well, do badly or neglect your pet and it will suffer. Find the right balance and your pet will reward you and live for a long time.