Soccer Revolution

Corta:<br> An authentical revolution in mobile football games. The only mobile football game that you can play with one finger. Nice graphics, huge gameplay, high addiction... all the ingredients needed to make Soccer Revolution probably the most addictive mobile football game. <br> <br> Larga:<br> Are you tired of mobile football games with nice graphics, official licenses... and bad gameplay? Soccer Revolution brings you finally a mobile football game that will make you spend hours playing with your mobile phone. Soccer Revolution has been developed always keeping in mind that it is a mobile phone game. Inspired in classic football games, Soccer Revolution has small but nice graphics, in order to get a major vision of the field, really useful for mobile phone screens. It is possible to make different kind of shots only with one fire button. There are 32 different teams to choose and 4 different game modes: world cup, configurable leagues, configurable cups or friendly matches. This and much more make Soccer Revolution be one of the best mobile football games ever seen.